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9 Jul
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How & why you can heal during Tantra seminars?

White Tantra works with the cooling, cosmic, expansive energies and vibrations. For people whose awareness is fixated on the physical reality, as well as logical mind, that are considered to be the lower levels and densities, this polarity is used for emotional and as physical healing. This sort of purifying energy practice might be difficult to feel at the beginning as it’s very subtle – but none the less, it is very important. The energy reorganization does most healing work here, not only because this end of the spectrum is usually deficient, but also it prepares one to more easily open up to receive energy healing on the levels of lower chakras.

Discover what Tantric Yoga can do for your emotional wellbeing.

Take a sequence of private Tantric workshops for men or women in The Bay Area, San Francisco, California or at the location where you are.

It is healing. Recover from past pains and attain awakening, set yourself free.

During white tantra practice our consciousness can fully experience itself within the this nature of existence that is viewd dualistic. It shifts from one energetic extreme to another, in constant change, in contrast, in conflict, in pleasure or pain, in triumph as well as failure, in ecstasy and despair, in love and fear, in creation as well as dissolution, in life or death.
Through many diverse experiences spiritual awakening of an individual is wildly accelerated.

In accordance to tantra yoga tradition, only those who have gone a long way on the path to spiritual liberation can reveal the secrets and teach a trainee.
In terms of overall goal. Like many other yoga variations, tantra yoga aims at the spiritual liberation of any being and the fulfillment that results from enjoying the freedom at all levels of life.

I will be happy to guide you to your inner Self through modern tantric practices.

Learn more about one on one private tantra sessions in San Francisco, California. Book your session now!


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Try Tantric Yoga with experienced tantricatantra goddess.
Discover Tantric Love.
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